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JTPeers Experts Database

About the JTPeers Experts Database

The JTPeers Experts Database gives access to a broad pool of professionals specialising in a variety of just transition topics relevant for coal and carbon-intensive regions across the European Union. In this database, you will find experts who offer advice to regions in transition such as the implementation of Territorial Just Transition Plans (TJTPs).

The European Commission is not responsible for the content of the support provided by the experts. Experts are responsible for the content of the information provided in their portfolio on the JTP Expert Database.

Background: Why a JTPeers Experts Database?

This database offers you and your region:

Access to specialised knowledge: Just transition involves complex challenges and requires specialised knowledge in areas such as energy production and energy systems, job creation, social inclusion, and sustainable economic development. A database of experts enables stakeholders to easily gain access to professionals with the specific expertise needed to address these challenges effectively.

Best practices and lessons learned: The database serves as a repository of best practices and lessons learned from experts who have successfully navigated similar transitions. Accessing this wealth of knowledge can help regions avoid pitfalls, accelerate progress, and implement effective strategies.

Networking and collaboration: The database facilitates connections between professionals working on just transition across the EU. It encourages networking and collaboration, enabling the sharing of experiences, innovative ideas, and successful approaches. This collaborative environment fosters a community of practice, further enhancing the collective expertise in the field.

Efficiency and time savings: Searching for experts individually can be time-consuming and challenging. A centralised database streamlines the process, making it quicker and more efficient to identify and engage with the right experts. This saves valuable time for stakeholders involved in the just transition process and allows them to focus on implementation and progress.

Improved decision-making: Access to a diverse range of experts empowers decision-makers with multiple perspectives and insights. This broader understanding enables informed decision-making based on evidence, experience, and expertise, leading to more effective and successful just transition initiatives.

Find your expert - how does it work?

The JTPeers Experts Database accommodates experts with a diverse set of just transition expertise and language skills. Here, territories, regional stakeholders, or other affiliated organisations active in just transition can easily find the most suitable expert for their transitional challenges. You can filter them by topic expertise, language, and country of residence. Once you have found the most suitable expert, you can contact them via the provided contact form.

Please note that it is entirely up to the expert to respond to your request. However, our team is notified that an expert has been contacted and by whom. If an expert does not respond, you can reach out to our JTPeersatjusttransitionplatform [dot] eu (support team).

Fees and charges need to be agreed between the interested region and the expert. Services experts in the database provide are not free of charge, nor paid for by the European Commission. The European Commission is not responsible for the support provided. The European Commission can facilitate and finance the support of an expert through the technical assistance available under JTP upon request. In case this is of interest, please contact jtpgroundworkatjusttransitionplatform [dot] eu (jtpgroundwork[at]justtransitionplatform[dot]eu).

For more information on how to contact an expert please consult our FAQ.

Find your expert here

How to join the JTPeers Experts Database?

To apply for the expert database, the official way is through the Call for Applications. This call is announced on the JTP website and shared in the JTP newsletter. It provides a structured process for submitting applications during the designated period.

To stay informed about official calls for applications, sign up for the JTP Newsletter. We value your expertise and are committed to considering every qualified applicant.

Benefits for experts

By being listed in the JTPeers Experts Database, experts enjoy numerous benefits that enhance their professional profile and contribute to the advancement of just transition initiatives:

Increased visibility: Gain exposure and recognition within the field of just transition by showcasing your expertise to policymakers, organisations, and stakeholders involved in sustainable development.

Networking and collaboration: Connect with like-minded professionals, fostering opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional growth. Expand your network and exchange ideas with experts facing similar just transition challenges.

Professional development: Stay up to date with the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in the field of just transition. Engage in continuous learning, expand your knowledge, and enhance your expertise through interactions with fellow experts.

Access to projects and opportunities: Increase your chances of being approached for consultancy, advisory roles, and other opportunities related to just transition projects. Expand your portfolio, engage in meaningful projects, and contribute to the successful implementation of just transition initiatives.

Contributing to a global cause: By joining the database, you actively contribute to the global cause of achieving sustainable and equitable transitions. Your expertise and insights can help regions and communities overcome challenges and create a more sustainable future.


For more information about the JTPeers Experts Database, please refer to the programme’s FAQ on the JTP website. You may also contact us directly at JTPeersatjusttransitionplatform [dot] eu (JTPeers[at]justtransitionplatform[dot]eu) in case you have any questions or face any problems.

For more information on the Just Transition Platform please click here.